Preparing For Your Audition: Dos and Don'ts

Here at City Lyric Opera, we’re knee deep in the audition process. We’re seeking talented individuals to fill the vacancies for our next season, and as we all know, auditions can be nerve-wracking. Our team has seen many auditions, from both the auditioner and auditor perspectives, and together we’ve taken a look at what we’ve found to be the best ~and the worst~ audition habits to help you prepare for your next audition. 

Before diving in, I’ll leave you with this… Whoever/whatever you’re auditioning for, there’s a hole needing fulfillment. These auditors are hoping you’re exactly what they’re looking for. If you remember anything, remember that everyone is rooting for you to exceed expectations. Find your confidence in that!

Anyways, enough rambling...


  • Be Yourself

    • You're awesome, show us your best self! We want to know who you are, as well as what you can do.

  • Speak Clearly

    • How can someone get to know you if they can’t hear or understand you? Missed information is a missed opportunity!

  • Be Confident

    • You’ve got this. You are capable. If you can hit that note in your bedroom, you can absolutely do it here. Show us how cool you are.

  • Come Prepared

    • Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse. Don’t choose a piece you just learned or feel iffy about. Go with the one you nail every time and rock it. Even if it feels old to you, it’s new to us!

  • Be Kind - TO EVERYONE

    • Don’t be rude… And this absolutely includes the moderator and the people waiting!! Simple as that. People talk and how you treat others affects their perception of you.

  • Thank Your Pianist

    • They took the time to be there and add to your performance, show them the love! They deserve it.


  • Be Arrogant

    • We’re all about confidence, but don’t take it too far. If you’re not careful, you’ll begin to sound entitled and nobody likes that!

  • Wear Something You Can’t Walk In

    • BE COMFORTABLE. Be yourself. Wearing normal shoes and standing tall is better than wearing 12-inch heels and falling on your face… (embarrassinggggg!) Same goes for clothing!!

  • Put On A Facade

    • We want to get to know you. We don’t want to see what you think we want to see. We want to find out what drives and inspires you!

  • Not Show Up

    • People in the performing arts world know each other. Establish a good reputation early. Be on time, be present.

  • Insult the pianist

    • Again with the kindness!! (Big point obviously) They don’t have to be here. If they make a mistake (like all human beings occasionally do (unless you’re an alien which I highly doubt)), a good performer knows how to recover and make the audience forget the misstep. 

Again, we are all rooting for you! Put in the effort and your ability will speak for itself. Good luck auditioners!!!

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